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Ancestral Rich Treasures of Zuni Cooperative

The Zuni Pueblo ArtWalk, New Mexico

Featured Artists for the Month of November: Davis Coonsis

Meet monthly featured ArtWalk artists on the first Saturday of each month at the ARTZ Cooperative Gallery & ArtWalk Center located on the mainstreet of 1192 State Highway 53 in the heart of Zuni Pueblo. For more information please call the Zuni Pueblo ArtWalk Center at (505) 782-0640

The Zuni People

The Zuni people have lived in the American Southwest for thousands of years. Our cultural and religious traditions are rooted, in large part, in our people's deep and close ties to the mountains, river ways, forests, and deserts of this ancient Zuni homeland. Through our art, pottery, jewelry-making, silversmithing, fetish carving and painting we tell the stories of culture and creation that is uniquely Zuni.

MADE IN ZUNI. Authenticity is important.

The Zuni Pueblo has over 7,000 artists supporting our community on the art we create. When you visit a Zuni ArtWalk and purchase a product made in Zuni, the sales help support the Pueblo and our people. The sad truth is that more so than often than not, product sold under the pretense of Zuni Art, is unauthentic and takes away income crucial to the Zuni people and our economy. Because of this, the Zuni ArtWalk and the Pueblo started a new campaign, MADE IN ZUNI. The hallmark, symbol and story of the MADE IN ZUNI campaign ensures visitors and collectors that this art is authentic and that their purchase will go on to help ensure the Zuni culture for generations.

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"The first time I explored a Zuni ArtWalk, I felt like I was traveling through time. It was incredible to hear the stories directly from the artists in their studios. If you're looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, you would be hard pressed to find something more magical than a Zuni ArtWalk." - Jamie Rushad Gros

When Pottery Speaks Volumes.

This piece by Noreen Simplicio is more than ceramics. It's more than art. Because to Noreen, every element and symbol tells a story of the Zuni people.


Meet the Zuni Artists

Meet the Artists