Roxanne Seoutewa

Keshi! My name is Roxanne Seoutewa and I am a Zuni Pueblo Petti-point silversmith. I first learned to make petti-point jewelry by observing my mother Amy Seoutewa as she worked.

Inspired by the beautiful pueblo village, our sacred mountains, the scenic beauty, and our rich cultural traditions, I try to create jewelry that will tell our story. I do every step of the process myself including hand cutting the silver plates and wires, hand sawing each strip of bezel, soldering it together, cutting the natural stones, and setting them into the their bezeled housing. After polishing and washing, the true beauty of the piece comes out making the labor-intensive process well worth it.

All of my jewelry is guaranteed to be authentic as I stamp each piece with my personal hallmark.

Contact Information:

  • Phone: (505) 979-1610
  • Email:
  • Artwalk Location # 2