Pamela Lasiloo

In the year 2007, Pamela Lasiloo found her true passion of working with silver and stones to create amazing pieces of work. Although having limited knowledge to the subject, Pamela self-taught her way to satisfaction with her channel inlay jewelry.

Finding beauty in the everyday life of Zuni, Pamela constructed her masterpieces based on the natural surroundings. From the deep hues of cobalt in the waters to the luscious rosé in the grooves of Corn Mountain, she selected the perfect materials for her jewelry.

Pamela finds happiness within her work, and she continues to aim for that goal of showcasing her art in a shop of her own. As she advances to this goal, she joins the many artists along the

Zuni Pueblo Artwalk who share the same passion and goals.

Contact Information:


  • Phone: (505) 495-0812
  • Email:
  • Artwalk Location: Zuni Visitor Center