Noreen Simplicio

Keshi, My name is Noreen Simplicio.  My future as a Zuni potter began when I was a young child, playing with mud and making mud pots.  When I first attended High School in 1977, I took basic pottery classes.  These classes were instructed by a Acoma woman by the name of Jennie Laate.  As I began to develop the skills of pottery making, I met another Acoma Zia woman by the name of Angelina Medina.  With the mentoring and teachings from both these women, I was able to master the art of Zuni Pottery.  I have about 35 years of experience, which is why I consider myself a master potter.  My unique pottery forms are characterized by distinctive designs that combine traditional Zuni pottery symbols, with contemporary design elements of my own creations.  I often create pieces from my heart to stress the universal harmony that should be shared and be maintained among all living things.

Elah'kwa- Thank you!


  • I have received many awards for my creations from 1977 to Present.

Publications and Collections

  • Talking with the clay-Stephen Trimble
  • Dialogues with Zuni Potters- Milford Nahohai & Elisa Phelps
  • North American Indians Today-Martha McCollough
  • Southwestern Pottery-Allan Hayes
  • Second Edition Southwestern Pottery-Allan Hayes
  • Treasures of the Zuni-Theda Basssman
  • Southern Pueblo Pottery-Gregory Schaaf
  • Breaking the mold- Virginia Vogel Collections
  • The Pottery of Zuni Pueblo-Dwight P. Lanmon & Francis H. Harlow

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    Phone: (505)862-3607
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  • Artwalk Location # 4