Jeff Shetima

My name is Jeff Shetima and I'm a proud productive member of the Zuni Pueblo, 
I come from a family of jewelry makers and silversmiths. I started creating jewelry and carvings when I was around 11 years old. I was influenced by my parents, grandparents, and our neighbors at that time. I learned carving techniques by observing my neighbors who were carvers, but I’m primarily self-taught. My first carvings were made from my neighbor’s pile of scrap rocks! 

For over seven years, I have primarily focused on fetish carving due to the high cost of silver and materials for making fine jewelry. I try my best to carve one-of-a-kind lifelike stone carvings (fetishes), with particular attention to detail on their faces. I also add gemstone micro inlay designs to my carvings; this has become one of the most distinguishing characteristics of my fetish art.

Every stone that I hold in my hands must be in harmony with me before I start a carving. Only with good thoughts, energy and feelings will I proceed to carve. This helps ensure that the positive energy will be internalized in the finished carving.



I make custom jewelry on request. All jewelry requests will be considered as special orders. I also create fetish carvings by request; these are special orders as well. All special orders will require a deposit and may take 3-6 months to complete, although some may take less time. 


  • 2013 - Museum of Northern AZ - Spirit Award, First place ribbon
  • 2013 - First ever Main Street event in Zuni NM - Best of Show runner-up certificate
  • 2012 - SWAIA 91st Annual Santa Fe Indian Market - Honorable Mention, Second Place ribbon
  • 2012 - Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial, Best in Category, First place
  • 2011 - Gallup Inter-Tribal Ceremonial, Best in Category, 2 First Place ribbons

Publications and Collections

  • Featured in the magazine, The Spirit of Zuni, 2005
  • Work published in Native Peoples magazine
  • Work published at the Tucson Guild
  • Carvings reside in the permanent collection at the Museum of Man in San Diego CA
  • Carvings reside in the Natural Historic Museum in Los Angeles CA