Davis Coonsis

Hello my name is Davis Coonsis. I am a Pueblo artist who likes to work with wood as a medium. I make benches, coffee tables, chairs and other furniture. I also make corn maiden carvings and other mythical beings with red cedar wood. Every piece is unique and has its own character. Most of my furniture has a flower that is hand carved and has a turquoise or a semi-precious stone-inlayed in the center. 

The inspirations for my designs come from old Zuni pottery and other Ancient Puebloan (Anasazi, Mimbres, Hohokam, etc.) pottery designs. Other inspirations come from nature and the rich Zuni culture. I started my art career carving stones like most Zunis, then I got into wood carving because the wood was readily available and loved working with it. I love the way wood can be shaped into so many ways and the many colors of grain with each piece of wood is aspiring in itself. With persuasions from my fellow artists, telling me that my art was unique, I attended my first show in Phoenix. After that first art show I was convinced that this is what I wanted to do.

The art that I try to express is the old Zuni designs. I try to keep to the original pottery design or add a little of my own expressions. By painting these designs I want people to realize all the elaborate designs our Ancestor expressed on their ceramic ware. My ancestors were very talented and intelligent people.
They expressed themselves without knowing it was art.

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