Daryl Shack Sr

I am Daryl Shack, Sr. and I have been carving for fifteen years now. I have been an artists ever since I could pick up a pencil. But now the passion for exploring what I can create drives me. I tend to use any rock I can get my hands on, letting the material tell me what to do with it.

My parents taught me how to create my artwork, my father is my biggest influence and my mom's creativity helps to drive my art. The biggest influences I feel are the culture of Zuni, family life, and religious life. My family is heavily involved in traditional practices and when I asked how to give back to my community, the animals were the answer.

I like to make people happy. Recently a man walking by my booth at a show stopped, looked at my work and darted straight toward me. He said, "How much for that bear? It smiled at me!"

I feel that my Art helps the world heal and I look forward to all the smiles that my animals can bring. 

Thank you and E lah'kwa.


Contact Information

  • Email: daryl_shack@hotmail.com
  • Artwalk Location # 6
  • Websites: Facebook page.